Sponsor a Puppy Luna
Sponsor a Puppy Luna

Sponsor a Puppy Luna

from £3.00/mth
What you get
  • For just £3 a month and you will receive a fantastic welcome pack, comprising a sponsorship certificate you can hang proudly on your wall and regular updates and pics.
  • When you donate £5 a month or more, you also get a cute, cuddly toy dog.
Gift description

Luna is such a playful puppy! When we asked her Volunteer Puppy Trainer what she adores about Luna, she told us: “She loves playing. We have another hearing dog in training living with us, and Luna always wants to play with her. They’re best buddies, and it’s wonderful to watch.” What else does she love about Luna? “When settling for a sleep she changes location several times before settling in ‘the spot’ – which may well be the place she started in!

From the hearth, to under the coffee table, to Josie’s bed, to under the curtain, to back to the hearth! Once she’s asleep though, that’s it.” So, Luna’s a happy girl, loved by everyone (and every dog!) around her. She’s also a chilled soul, with plenty of spaces and places for snoozes and snuffles. Given that her volunteer calls her a ‘fuzzy bear’, that makes Luna a chilled, happy, fuzzy bear!

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