The beginnings

Charity Gifts was conceived by school friends Ross and Neil in August 2007 (this photo was taken many years before this!). Ross is from a marketing background and saw that charities needed help in raising funds online. Neil is a web designer and together they decided to create a website that brought together the UK’s leading charity gift providers.

Our mission

To help people buy gifts that make a lasting difference. Shopping for that special someone can be time consuming, so our team has hand-picked a selection of charity gifts that we love and think you will too.

Eco-friendly living

Throughout the years we’ve helped charities to raise millions in donations through charity gifts and regular giving (adopt an animal gifts are particularly popular for this).

We do however feel like we can do more to make a difference in this world and in August 2019 we decided to open up the site to also feature eco-living products.

The impact of climate change and the fact we are contributing to the real threat our planet is under has hit home with people all over the world and the time to make a change is now.

With our own families we’ve been looking at ways we can reduce the harm we do to the planet. Finding good products to help reduce waste can be time consuming so we wanted to share that information with you and help to save you time whilst you save the planet!