Hearing Dogs For Deaf People

Sponsor a puppy today and help a deaf person to leave loneliness behind.

Your sponsorship will help to train a specialist hearing dog, and you will receive a jam-packed welcome pack, certificate, and regular updates. When you donate £5/mth or more, you will also receive a cute, cuddly toy dog.

from £3.00 /mth
Your sponsorship helps train amazing hearing dogs that help deaf people to leave loneliness behind.

Sponsor a Puppy and

Help a Deaf Person to
Leave Loneliness Behind

Help fund the training of a hearing dog

Sponsoring a puppy with Hearing Dogs For Deaf People is a great way to make a contribution to the overall cost of breeding and training a working dog. A fully trained hearing dog will give its owner the confidence to do things that in the past may have made them feel anxious.

Help Hearing Dogs For Deaf People with a charity gift

The perfect gift

You could choose to give the gift of a puppy sponsorship to someone you care about. Not only will you make the person in question happy, but we’re sure they will be thrilled that they were the inspiration behind a donation to a wonderful charity that does great work.

Support Hearing Dogs For Deaf People

Fantastic gift pack

Sponsoring a puppy with Hearing Dogs For Deaf People is not only a good deed but you get plenty in return. The charity will send you regular updates on how your puppy is doing which means you get to see it transform from cute play-thing into a fully trained adult.

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Hearing Dogs For Deaf People

Registered UK Charity Number: 293358

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About Hearing Dogs For Deaf People

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People believe that nobody with deafness should feel lonely. This is why the charity trains dogs that help deaf people reconnect with life. The dogs provide support through constant companionship, giving deaf people confidence to reconnect with their family, friends and their community, and embrace the life they want to lead.

As importantly, their dogs help by alerting deaf people to life-saving sounds like the smoke alarm and intruder alarm, and important sounds such as the oven timer and baby monitor.

Their burgundy coats also signal to the public that their partners are deaf. This combination of practical assistance and emotional support is life-changing and, with no government funding, each and every sponsorship is incredibly valuable.

Where your money goes

It costs as much as £45,000 to breed, train and then place a dog as well as provide care for the animal throughout its life. The charity provides hearing dogs to people with hearing impairments for no cost.

Each dog can have a working life of anywhere between 7 to 10 years and Hearing Dogs For Deaf People has pledged to provide each person who receives a dog with as many animals as they need throughout their life. The charity receives no funding from the government and depends entirely on individual people.