Sign Petition to Stop Sea Turtle Farming with WSPA

The WSPA charity is asking for your help to save the lives of thousands of sea turtles who are being kept in shocking conditions. The poor little creatures are stacked on top of each other at the Cayman Turtle Farm on the cayman Islands, and something needs to be done. Now.

There are no ways to humanely farm seas turtles, they are supposed to live in seas, not in filthy tanks. They are literally stacked on top of one another with no room to manoeuvre, with the cramped conditions causing the turtles to suffer horrific injuries and stress. They even start to turn on one another in the confusion, and this is all before they are sold off to make steaks and burgers. Such a tragic waste of one of the world’s most beautiful creatures.

Sea turtles are amazing animals that can naturally swim thousands of miles, they weren’t designed to live in a tank. Tourists in the Cayman Island even pay to ‘meet’ these poor animals who are living in distress. Sea turtles deserve better, and you can help stop this awful farming today.

Simply click on the link below to sign the WSPA petition to help stop sea turtle farming. Over 80,000 people have already taken action to stop this horrible practice. These turtles are crushed, stressed, diseased, and in waste filled water. Please help them today

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If you would like to learn more about the work of the WSPA, or would like to make a donation, why not check out out dedicated charity page. Here you’ll find more information on their amazing work helping to save animals lives across the globe.