Help Save British Puddings with the National Trust

The National Trust last month made an amazing effort to save the Great British Pudding, as they back the Government’s call to cut the ‘dessert deficit’. Environment Secretary Owen Paterson urged the British public to choosing traditional British recipes like Spotted Dick and Apple Pie that use home produced diary, over over foreign imports like Creme Brulee and Panna Cotta that use imported diary products.

Get patriotic with your pudding people!

To help support the Great British Pudding, the National Trust offered free desserts thought October 2012 with every lunchtime meal purchased in its cafes and restaurants across the UK. All their puddings were made from local seasonal ingredients to remind everyone just how good we can make a desert, we’re famous through out the world for our pies and crumbles.

Clive Goudercourt, Development Chef for the National Trust, said –

We pride ourselves on baking our own food using the best of British ingredients, many grown on National Trust estates and farms. We hoped our delicious, home-cooked puddings inspired people to choose traditional recipes and celebrate Britain’s best food across the seasons. British, seasonal food is tastier, fresher and more nutritious. It is better value, better for the environment and better for your wallet.

This great offer was available in over 100 locations across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It’s great to see charities like the National Trust backing this scheme last month to help Save the British Pudding from extinction. Here’s hoping those lucky people who received a free pudding told their friends to
help cut the  huge dessert deficit in this country and stick by the locally produced apple crumbles, treacle tarts and spotted dick.

If you would like to learn more about the great work of the National Trust, or would like to order a membership for free entry into their sites, check out our dedicated charity page for mow information. Let’s keep Britain great people!