Recycled Buttermilk Pencils
Recycled Buttermilk Pencils

Recycled Buttermilk Pencils

What you get
  • Pack of 3 recycled buttermilk pencils in a deep blue pencil sleeve with a stunning gold ‘ideas’ logo.
  • The perfect gift for your friend or as a treat for yourself.
  • Made from recycled CD cases and hard graphite grey writing core.
  • Note: No wood used, yet they sharpen with a traditional sharpener.
Gift description

VENT for Change is a sustainable stationery company that protects the planet and supports children’s education projects worldwide.

With every beautifully designed product sold they support projects that nurture the minds of tomorrow’s farmers, scientists, mechanics and teachers, while taking care of the resources they will count on in the future. They are constantly striving to create stationery that will positively impact the planet and make children’s future a little brighter.

All their products have eco credentials and an ethical purchasing alternative for conscientious consumers.

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