National Trust Junior Membership
National Trust Junior Membership

National Trust Junior Membership

Get free entry and parking to over 500 of the countries most amazing houses, gardens and coastlines. Free Parking at most National Trust car parks. National Trust Handbook full of ideas to help you plan a visit. National Trust Magazine sent to you three times a year. Regular newsletters sent straight to your inbox. A great price for some amazing experiences.

The money you provide acts as a donation to help restore and preserve some of the UK’s most beautiful stately homes and landscapes. Only thanks to your membership payments can the National Trust continue their amazing work in nurturing and preserving Britain’s truly beautiful heritage.

For individuals aged between 5-17 (Under 5’s get free entry)

What you get
  • Unlimited free entry to all the places we look after, inside and out
  • An age-appropriate welcome pack
  • Special guides for you to plan your next adventure
  • Ongoing inspiration, tips and seasonal ideas online
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The National Trust
The National Trust takes care of special places across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It does this so we can all enjoy these fabulous venues in perpetuity.
Reg Charity Number: 205846
Adopt an Elephant
Adopt an Elephant

Adopt an Elephant

from £3.00/mth

We love elephants, particularly baby ones as they are super cute! They are such an iconic animal and it’s shocking to learn that we’ve lost 90% of African elephants in the past century. In fact, 55 are killed every day for their tusks. When you adopt an elephant with WWF your will be helping their conservation efforts including protecting habitats and the restoration of degraded biological corridors.

What you get
  • A gift pack including a cuddly elephant toy.
  • Two exclusive magazines delivered three times a year.
  • Free delivery within 3 business days.
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The world’s largest conservation charity works to preserve the environment and animals that live in the wild. Its mission is to ensure that a world is created where every species can thrive together with humans.
Reg Charity Number: 1081247
Sponsor A Puppy Feather
Sponsor A Puppy Feather

Sponsor A Puppy Feather

When we asked Feather’s Volunteer Puppy Trainer Sylvia what Feather is like, the reply came back immediately: “She loves climbing. As soon as she came to live with us, she started going up and down the stairs. She climbs onto boxes in the garage. She climbs onto the pots on the patio.”

So that’s it then: she’s a little mountaineer!

Maybe this is part of her determined character: to ascend, to go up in the world, to become an amazing hearing dog that helps a deaf person reconnect with the world around them. And is she adorable? “Oh yes,” Sylvia laughs. “She is very adorable and cute!”

How will Feather’s dynamic personality help her through her training journey? Will she keep on climbing? And which deaf person will she help to leave loneliness behind? Sponsor Feather today and find out!

What you get
  • For just £3 a month and you will receive a fantastic welcome pack, comprising a sponsorship certificate you can hang proudly on your wall and regular updates and pics.
  • When you donate £5 a month or more, you also get a cute, cuddly toy dog.
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Hearing Dogs For Deaf People
Hearing Dogs train clever dogs to assist hearing-impaired people to reconnect with life. Today there are more than 1,000 dogs that have been partnered with deaf people across the UK.
Reg Charity Number: 293358

Why Buy Children's Charity Gifts?

Introduce children to charity

It is important to teach children values from an early age. Gifting them a children’s charity gift is the best way to teach them giving to the less fortunate or to a good cause is something everyone should be doing. A children’s charity gift is also a great way to educate kids about the more important things in life. When you need to buy a child a gift, the best gift they can receive is a children’s charity gift because it will inform them about the world we live in.

Encourage a charitable nature

By gifting a child a children’s charity gift, you are setting them an example of how to behave both as a child and when they mature into an adult. Examples are important things to set for children because that is the age where they are the most impressionable. The next time you need to buy a child a gift, think about purchasing them a charity gift. That way they will learn about the world and give them a set of values for the future.

Enjoyable gifts

When you expose children to different charities early on in life, they will understand from that age there are kinds of people and life experiences all over the world. They will start to see and understand there are people who are less fortunate. We have handpicked the best fun gifts for children so they can learn more about the world whilst enjoying the gift you give them.