Five Reasons Why You Should Be Concerned About Climate Change

Climate Change

If you are someone who believes there is no reason to worry about climate change because its effects won’t be felt for ages you would be dead wrong. It doesn’t matter what you care about, the fact of the matter is that the impact of climate change is being felt everywhere today. There is some good news though, there is still time to make enough of a difference so that it doesn’t get worse in the future. Here are five reasons why we should care about climate change.

1. Because snow leopards, turtles and polar bears are awesome

It should come as no surprise has big implications for animals all over the world. This means if you care about amazing species you should be concerned about climate change. A hotter planet means that animals will find it increasingly difficult to come by food. A world which doesn’t care about deforestation means animals will find it ever harder to survive. WWF places a lot of emphasis on climate change because so much of the natural world is affected by it – everything from wonderful species to stunning habitats such as the Amazon.

2. Because we all need access to clean water

Nearly ten per cent of the world’s population lack access to clean drinking water. We don’t think of water as being precious, but it has limited availability in many parts of the world. Climate change means this situation is only going to get worse. As the planet heats up the water cycle will be destabilised and this means some parts of the world will experience more frequent droughts whilst other parts will see more intense rainfall which will result in floods.

3. Because you need your coffee fix each morning

According to a recently released report on climate change from the United Nations, the world’s supply of coffee beans could shrink due to global warming. If this is not enough to worry you then we don’t know what is. Crops need specific climates to grow and thrive. If this changes then some crops will stop growing in areas where they previously used too.

4. Because coral reefs are amazing

Who didn’t love the film Finding Nemo? Climate change poses a huge threat to Nemo’s home. Warmer ocean temperatures will result in the bleaching of coral. This is a process whereby the coral loses all of its beautiful colour and ends up dying. This is terrible news for diving fans, not to mention the fish in the sea.

5. Because rainforests are incredible

One of the planet’s more precious habitats are the rainforests. These spectacular areas are often referred to as the Earth’s lungs. They are really amazing. Did you know that the Amazon serves as home to 1 in 10 of all of the planets species? This makes the rainforests both unique and irreplaceable. Deforestation is a major cause of climate change and is extremely bad news for rainforests.