WWF Raises £9 million In Partnership With Sky To Keep Amazon Rainforest Protected

In 2009 WWF entered into a partnership with Sky which it hoped would end up protecting one billion trees in the Amazon rainforest. The endeavour was supported by thousands of Sky customers as well as members of the general public. As a result the project has managed to raise over £9 million which will be used to maintain the project area of Acre in Brazil. WWF has participated in a several conservation projects in Acre which aimed to help local people to earn a sustainable living from the rainforest without cutting down trees.

WWF’s work will continue

Whilst the partnership with Sky is coming to an end, WWF’s conservation work will continue. WWF plans to raise more money to support its vital work next year. The organisation has reaffirmed its commitment to ongoing work in Acre state as well as other areas of the Amazon, so that the rainforest continues to remain protected and valued for the long term.

“We’d like to thank Sky and their customers for joining us on this amazing six-year journey into the rainforest. Their generosity has made a real and lasting impact on the people and wildlife of the Amazon. Keeping the rainforest standing should matter to all of us, wherever we live. Globally, deforestation and forest degradation cause up to a fifth of all greenhouse gas emissions and are robbing future generations of rich, beautiful natural resources. By joining WWF’s conservation expertise with Sky’s vision and with the commitment of the Acre state government, we have found ways to help keep deforestation at bay in this fragile part of the Amazon.”

You can help by adopting a jaguar

If you want to participate in helping WWF keep the Amazon rainforest safe, you can adopt a jaguar. If you already have a Sky Rainforest Rescue jaguar or acre adoption, the organisation will send you more information on how to keep the rainforest protected.