WWF Earth Hour 2013 – 23-03-13

Not long now until Earth Hour 2013 folks, with just 8 days left at the time of writing. The whole spectacle kicks off at 8.30pm on Saturday 23rd March 2013, as millions of people turn off their lights for an hour to support pleas for more consideration to the planet and climate change.

This amazing annual event focuses on our need to protect the planet, after all, we only have one! Will you be one of the million supporters who choose to join in this year? If you do, there’s some amazing audiobooks available read by the likes of –

  • Kevin McCloud
  • Alistair McGowan
  • Miranda Richardson

who have recorded exclusive stories for you to listen to, simply by signing up for Earh Hour 2013. The series is called ‘Just So’, and will feature world renowned stories such as How the Camel got his Hump, The Crab that Played with the Sea and How the Whale got his Throat by celebrated author Rudyard Kipling. These have been specifically created for you to listen to on the night whilst your lights are off, and last a total of 60 minutes. They will be the perfect accompaniment to your hour of darkness, so why not light a candle, snuggle up under a duvet, at let these amazing actors read to you during Earth Hour 2013.

> > Click here for more info on ‘Just So’ stories

By turning your lights off for one hour this Saturday at 8.30pm, you will be showing the world that you want a better future for our planet. Here’s hoping that the world’s leaders join us in our stand against dirty fossil fuels and put plans into motion to use more green, renewable energy to help the planet during it’s hour of need. Earth Hour 2013. Are you doing enough to save the planet?

If you would like to help this amazing charity and the planet, why not purchase a WWF membership to help save threatened species and preserve life on Earth. This is a great charity gift for an eco-friendly family member or colleague, and your donations really count in helping to save the planet.