WSPA Ask Australia to Stop Live Exports

WSPA charity officials are asking Australia to stop exporting cattle from Egypt after terrible footage was uncovered on how the animals are being treated. Animals Australia managed to take the footage showing the Egyptians treating the cattle with extreme cruelty at their abattoirs, and now WSPA want the exports to be halted.

This isn’t the first time this has happened though. Back in 2006, cattle exports were halted from Australia to Egypt for nearly four years after concerns over the treatment of cattle were raised. Live exports to Indonesia were also stopped in 2011 after evidence of animal cruelty emerged.

Chief Executive for WSPA, Mike Baker, said –

This is not a one off; there is a history of cruelty and animals being subjected to the worst kind of abuse in the live export trade. It is unacceptable given there is a humane and economical solution to live export of animals. The live export industry would have us believe that conditions in abattoirs meet ‘suitable’ animal welfare standards and that they are improving animal welfare all over the world. This footage demonstrates this is evidently not true.

If you would like to help improve animal welfare for Australia cattle, why not stand up and be counted alongside WSPA by signing their petition to ask for a more ethical solution. Simply click on the link below to add your voice to those who want change, and want it now.  It literally takes 30 seconds, and will go a long way to protecting Australian cattle from cruelty.