Stonehenge Undergoes Repairs

Stonehenge is set to get some repairs done on some of its lintels for the first time in 60 years. High tech laser scans have highlighted that the lintel stones, and the joints and concrete mortar that holds them balanced across the vertical stones have eroded.

Specialist Conservation

The work, undertaken by specialist conservation experts, will take two weeks. Scaffolding will be erected so that they can reach the upper stones and carry out the repairs.

Stonehenge is unique for the way the lintels are held in place with special joints. The stone circle has stood for four and half thousand years. It is exposed to the weather and is buffeted by wind and rain which has created the cracks and holes in the stones.

Commemorative Coin

To mark the start of the work, English Heritage have asked Richard Woodman-Bailey to replace a coin under one of the stones that he placed it under as a boy in the 1950’s. English Heritage has asked the Royal Mint to create a commemorative coin for the purpose of having 71 year old Richard replace the original coin put under one of the lintels during work carried out in 1958.

The Royal Mint is delighted to be involved and has invited Richard to the Royal Mint to help make the coin. They have opted to create a special £2 silver coin complete with the image of Britannia. The image is significant as Britannia first appeared on UK coins 2,000 years ago, and has featured on coins for centuries.

Supporting English Heritage

If you’re interested in supporting English Heritage and their conservation work then why not become a member today.  Visit our English Heritage page and find out more.