Oxfam Transformation Amid Tough Year

Following funding issues brought about largely by the coronavirus pandemic, Oxfam is to close operations in 18 countries and reduce its workforce by almost 1500.

Drop in Funding

Like many charities, they have been losing cash during the pandemic, and faced difficult decisions about their future. They have estimated that they have been losing up to £5 million every month with their shops closed and fundraising events cancelled.

Oxfam were already reviewing their structure and operations prior to the pandemic. Their review started in 2018, with a desire to set out a 10 year strategy. However, the pandemic has pushed the charity to the brink. The job cuts are its first steps towards securing survival.

Chema Vera, the interim executive director for Oxfam gave “deepest thanks to our staff and the brilliant work they have achieved in helping people and communities we work with to improve their lives”.

“Organisational changes we have announced, combined with further phases of transformation in the months ahead will be the foundation for our future over the coming decade as the longer term effects of this devastating pandemic become clearer”.

Scaling back

Oxfam currently operates in 66 countries, so they will retain physical presence in 48.

A statement issued by the organisation said changes would enable Oxfam to be more effective in working with partners and communities to tackle global poverty and inequality and help people survive humanitarian crises.

The pandemic has forced them to speed up the process of looking strategically at where and how they operate. Vera added “Coronavirus has made Oxfam’s work helping the worlds most vulnerable people more vital than ever while, at the same time, it is impacting on our capacity to deliver”.

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