Nine Year Old Girl From Sevenoaks Donates Her Birthday Present Money To Oxfam

Sophia Lemos-Kernan is a small girl with a huge heart. Instead of asking for birthday gifts for herself, she chose to ask for donations to help those in need to celebrate her big day. On a visit to Oxfam in Sevenoaks with her mother, nine year old Sophia was so inspired; she left the shop telling her mum she wanted to donate all her birthday gifts to charity this year.

“When we left she said ‘mummy I don’t want presents, I would like you to send an email to my friends’ mums asking them to donate to Oxfam’,” her mum Maria Lemos said.

Raised £230

Sophia was able to raise £230 and according to the shop’s temporary manager Simon Millard, it was the largest single donation to the shop this year. He added that the money Sophia raised would most certainly have helped save lives and it was an extraordinarily selfless thing to do.

Generosity is part of Sophia’s personality

Sophia’s mum says that her daughter’s generosity was far from being out of character. In the past the student of Sevenoaks Preparatory had helped raise money for poor people in Brazil by organising a bake sale. Ms Lemos adds that generosity was instilled in Sophia as part of her family values and the nine year old has always been aware of people being in need.

 “Sevenoaks is such a privileged place, I didn’t want her to grow up thinking that is the reality for everybody.” Ms. Lemos said