New Charity Established For Domestic Emergency Response In The UK

Helpline needs to raise funds

A new charity named the National Emergencies Trust has been established with the goal of improving efficiency with which response to disasters in the UK are conducted. The board of NET is chaired by Lord Dannatt a former Chief of The General Staff. The CEO of the new charity is John Herriman who used to run Greenhouse Sports and the deputy chair of the organisation is Gerald Oppenheim who is CEO of the Fundraising Regulator.

Role of coordinator

During moments when the country experiences an emergency or disaster NET says it will coordinate with other charities and organisations to raise and distribute money for supporting victims. After several disasters took place in 2017 including the terror attacks in Manchester and London as well as the Grenfell fire, the Charity Commission selected several individuals from the charitable sector to improve the response to the kind of situations.

Collaboration necessary

The process that was developed identified the need for collaboration that a UK focused organisation could construct that is similar in nature to the Disasters Emergency Committee which handles international disasters. NET will receive funding from corporations with extra funding being provided by charities as well as individual donors. Start-up funds will be provided by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.