Christmas Cards
Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards

You could make someone’s day by sending them a Christmas Card made by Oxfam with packs starting from just £1.99. Oxfam have produced a range of designs which are a great way to show someone you care about them at Christmas.

What you get
  • Prices start from just £1.99 for a pack of 16 Christmas cards.
  • All profits go to help fight poverty all over the world.
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Oxfam is a global movement. It is made up of people numbering millions all of whom believe that poverty is not something that needs to exist in a world that is resource rich.
Reg Charity Number: 202918
Christmas Cards
Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards

You can show the world that you support the great cause that is Help for Heroes by purchasing a set of Christmas cards starting from £1.25. It is the ideal purchase this holiday season and the money you spend will go towards ensuring our veterans get given the respect they deserve after serving our country.

What you get
  • A great selection of unique Help for Heroes Christmas Cards
  • Great value and a good way to support their incredible work.
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Help for Heroes
Help for Heroes supports veterans from the British Armed Forces suffering from injury or illness. It doesn't matter when they served, anyone willing to sacrifice their life for their country is offered much-needed help.
Reg Charity Number: 1120920

Why Buy Charity Christmas Cards & Wrapping Paper?

Wrap and support charity

Even if you prefer to purchase high ticket items like phones or gaming consoles for your loved one, you can still contribute to charity. Make sure your gifts are wrapped in paper purchased from a charity and your gift cards were purchased from one as well. That way you can still be merry and also know you did your bit.

Raise money for vital projects

It’s all very well heading to the High Street to do all your Christmas shopping, but you could also do something constructive whilst you are it. By sending charity greeting cards or using charity wrapping paper, you will be directly helping fund the important projects undertaken by the charity you purchase them from.

Every little helps

Cards and wrapping paper do not cost a lot of money. If you want to give something back to charity this holiday season and are on a limited budget, then the best way is to use charity cards and wrapping paper for your season’s greetings. These items are amongst the lowest priced items available and a great way to make sure you give back during the giving month.