Last Minute Gifts From FARM-Africa

Not enough time left to buy Christmas gifts? FARM-Africa PRESENTS are instant gifts that require no packaging and no postage, so you’ll protect the environment by using less wrapping paper and help farmers like Marietta to protect eastern Africa’s forests.

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Marietta lives on the edge of the Nou Forest in Tanzania.  She used to earn a pittance collecting firewood, which she burnt to make charcoal and then sold. But after years of logging, the forest is under threat, leaving Marietta with no chance of providing for her children.

When FARM-Africa started training people in her community how to earn a living from beekeeping, Marietta was very keen to begin a new way of life that also lets the local forest replenish. Now, thanks to their project and her hard work, Marietta can feed and clothe her children, as well as sending them to school – all through selling her honey at market.

Send a FARM-Africa PRESENTS beehive to a friend or loved one and they’ll get their name up in lights with a personalised e-movie showing them how your donation on their behalf is really changing the lives of farmers like Marietta in eastern Africa.

Africa’s forests are at risk due to increased population and demands on natural resources. In Ethiopia only about 2% of the original forest cover remains. Tanzanian forests are also fast depleting. Deforestation has a serious impact on wildlife and reduces water flow from the forests to downstream users. The situation is even more precarious as forests provide a major source of income for millions of poor people.

FARM-Africa’s Community Forest Management work enables forest-dependent people living in Ethiopia and Tanzania and other affected areas to work with local authorities to develop sustainable management plans for the forests.  This gives communities real responsibility for protecting their forests.  In return, forest communities are allowed to use the forests’ natural resources in a sustainable way, making use of natural products such as wild coffee, spices, medicines and honey.

Send a FARM-Africa PRESENTS beehive this Christmas and you’ll be helping both forests and families in Africa.