Help the National Trust Save Quarry Bank

The National Trust is asking for your help to save the historic Quarry Bank Mill, with the charity needing to raise £1.4million to bring the site back to life. Situated in Wilmslow, the mill played a major part in the countries industrial revolution.

Quarry Bank was one of the largest cotton spinning businesses in the country, and now the National Trust are looking to reinvent the site to help provide a new generation with a totally unique experience of what life was like during the Industrial Revolution. They are looking to purchase and restore everything on the site, including –

  • Workers’ Cottage
  • Quarry Bank House
  • Upper Gardens
  • Northern Woods

to help reveal how one of the world’s earliest industrial communities lived. This amazing idea will see the stories of the lives of the mill owners, workers and apprentices, and how Quarry Bank helped shape the countries Industrial Revolution.

If you would like to make a donation to this worthwhile cause, follow the link through to the Quarry Bank Appeal page to make a one off contribution to help restore this amazing, historical site. Without the help of the general public, part of the countries heritage will be lost forever, denying future generations the chance to experience a unique slice of past British life.

For more information on how the National Trust keep Britain great, or if you would like to purchase a membership, check out our dedicated charity page to see how you can help provide funds to restore some of the nation’s greatest treasures.

Photograph by John Millar