Guide Dogs 90th Anniversary

Guide Dogs celebrated their 90th birthday in October. As way of encouraging their supporters to celebrate with them they have come up wth the Guide Dogs 90 Appeal.

The fundraiser is themed by the number 90. The charity is asking everyone to help make a change to the lives of people living with sight loss by taking on a challenge linked to the number 90.

Inspirational History

Guide Dogs was established back in 1931 when the UK’s first guide dog partnership qualified. Since then their numerous supporters have helped them transform the lives of thousands of blind and partially sighted people.

Losing your sight is terrifying and isolating and that hasn’t changed in the past 90 years. There is still the threat of depression, loneliness and financial insecurity, however Guide Dogs can help people with sight loss live the life they choose.

What the fundraiser is about

You can join thousands of people taking the Guide Dogs 90 Appeal challenge. You could walk 90km, or wash 90 cars, or bake 90 cakes, or have a party for 90 people, or a party for 90 dogs! The birthday celebrations are officially happening in October, but your fundraiser can take place any time that suits you.

The idea is to have a celebration fundraiser that will herald the start of the Guide Dogs next 90 years of helping people with sight loss.

If you need some inspiration as to what you could do for the fundraiser, or if you want to find out more about what is going on to celebrate Guide Dogs reaching the landmark anniversary then head to the Guide Dogs 90 Appeal page.