Five Reasons For Buying A Charity Gift

Give a Charity Gift

Giving money to charity is the easy part of the equation, the hard part is why and to whom you should give your money too. Fortunately the Charity Gifts website is here to help you to answer those questions. If you are one of the few people who are still wondering why you should give a charity gift, we have put together a list of five reasons why you should donate today.

1. Sense of Purpose

You can help contribute towards a cause you care about deeply even if you don’t have the time to volunteer. Buying a charity gift can help provide organisations with the necessary funding to enable them to operate and impact those they help. Another fact you should be aware of is that studies have shown that people who donate to charity are often happier people than those who don’t. So the next time it’s yours or someone you care about’s birthday, why not buy a charity gift, you’ll be so much happier in the long run.

2. You can make a difference

Buying a charity gift may seem like a small donation that will hardly have much of an impact, however you would be surprised to know how much of a difference your donation will make. For example adopting an animal with WWF provides them with the necessary funding to continue with their conservation work. Without the thousands of people that donate, these agencies could not fund their activities. So don’t think your donation won’t make a difference. It can and it will!!

3. Donations are often tax-deductible

Making a donation to charity is usually tax deductible. There are thousands of charities in the United Kingdom which means you have lots of places to give your money too. What does this mean in real terms? It means both the individual who is giving the charity gift as well as the organisation who receives the money are both benefiting financially.

4. We are a single community

Giving a charity gift is a great way to reach out to people you will never meet but will greatly benefit from your kindness and support. Save The Children for example does really important working helping the most vulnerable children all over the world. You could make a big difference by buying a charity gift and helping to provide the necessary funding for their activities.

5. It’s unusual.

Imagine what your friend or loved one will think when they receive a polar bear adoption for their birthday or they become aware they have just donated a goat to a community that is far away and needs it. A charity gift is an unusual present to say the least and the person receiving it is guaranteed to remember what a special present it is.