Alesha Dixon Supporting WSPA Big Bear Rescue

Pop sensation and Britain’s Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon recently travelled to Romania in support of the WSPA Big Bear Rescue appeal. Whilst in the country she helped to rescue two European brown bears from the Onesti Zoo, which closed four years ago due to their inability to meet European Union standards.

Now, the animals that have been left there are living in cramped conditions, as their health slowly deteriorates. Thankfully the WSPA and their local partners, Millions of Friends Association (MFA), were on hand to rescue the bears with Alesha’s help and take them to the WSPA funded bear sanctuary in Zarnesti.

Alesha Dixon in Romania to support of the WSPA Big Bear Rescue appeal

Alesha helped to coax the nervous bears into the transport cage to take them to their new home using fruit and honey . The sanctuary in Zarnesti is one of the largest in Europe and is the perfect place to nurse these beautiful creatures back to health. Due to the terrible ordeal they have suffered, they will never be able to return to the the wild. Thankfully they will be well catered for in their new home, and will be able to live in a quiet environment, without the cruelty of neglect that they have suffered.

Alesha said –

I was absolutely horrified by the conditions at Onesti Zoo. I’ll never forget the sight of the bears mournfully pacing around their cramped cage. You could tell they’d suffered truly miserable lives; it was heart breaking that they’d never had the chance to move freely, climb a tree or even hibernate. It fills me with hope for the future that groups like WSPA and MFA are working to end this cruel practice. I hope the public give generously to WSPA’s Big Bear Rescue Christmas appeal: I can’t think of a more special gift than to give bears like these the gift of freedom at the sanctuary.

Here’s hoping that WSPA and their partners can help to put an end to the illegal captivity of these poor bears across Europe, and offer them the chance of a new life without cruelty. You can help put an end to bear cruelty by supporting the WSPA and becoming an ‘Animal Protector’. Check out our dedicated page for this amazing charity, and how you can help to make a difference to the lives of animals all over the world.