Sponsor A Puppy Ruby
Sponsor A Puppy Ruby

Sponsor A Puppy Ruby

from £4.33/mth

Ruby is an affectionate pup who likes nothing more than exploring her surroundings. She needs your support to help her grow up to be a life-changer. By sponsoring Ruby, you’ll be kept up to date throughout her journey to become a life-changing guide dog.

When you sponsor Ruby you will have the chance to participate in her incredible adventure. Not only that you will be helping to change the life of someone who has experienced a loss of vision. You could even opt to sponsor Ruby for a friend or loved one and you can immediately print up a certificate and photo to show that you have.

What you get
  • Regular Pupdates – following your puppy’s journey
  • Access to your puppy’s exclusive Facebook group
  • Photo album and photos of your pup
  • A personalised certificate
  • An adorable magnet
  • A gorgeous calendar at the end of each year
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Guide Dogs
The UK’s leading charity for the visually impaired has the ambition to create a future where every individual suffering from sight loss develops the confidence to live fully.
Reg Charity Number: 209617