Greenpeace Optimistic A Climate Change Agreement Will Be Reached

The most important meeting to address climate change COP21 is finally taking place. Leaders from all over the world converged in Pairs where they have the opportunity to come together and devise a plan that will help us mitigate the worst effects of climate change. If you turned your televisions on at the end of November you would most certainly have heard news reporters mention COP21. The reason for that is hundreds of thousands of people all over the world have demonstrated to leaders and the media that we cannot afford to ignore the climate any more.

Important consequences

What is happening in Paris will have important ramifications for the Arctic, our oceans and forests. All species and humans the world over will feel the consequences. This is not the first time world leaders have had the opportunity to take firm action for our planet and its people. For many communities all over the world, the consequences of climate change are a daily reality and not some far off nightmare. Our failure to act has already led to lives being lost.

The message hopefully has been received

It is with those people that are already been suffering from the effects of climate change that many of us including Greenpeace marched in the hopes that a solid agreement would be reached. Something extraordinary happened at the end of November; the largest ever climate change march ever took place. As many as 720,000 people participated from 175 countries and it is hoped that world leaders received the message loud and clear. The time for doing nothing has finished, the world is watching and a deal is a necessary.