Greenpeace Angered At Westminster Decision On Fracking

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Greenpeace is disappointed that the UK government intends to force fracking in the country. Politicians in Westminster have overturned a decision by the Lancashire Council which sought to block fracking. Instead MP’s have decided that fracking firm Cuadrilla has been given permission to drill. Sajid Javid the minister who is responsible for local councils said he would allow drilling to take place at Cuadrilla’s drill site which is located at Preston New Road near Blackpool. Not satisfied with just one site, Mr Javid said he was also inclined to grant permission at a second proposed site as well.

Campaigning against fracking for years

For five years Greenpeace has campaigned with thousands of people throughout the UK to prevent the fracking industry from drilling in UK towns or the countryside. Greenpeace has managed to raise awareness of the risks associated with the destructive fracking industry, especially to the environment and the climate. Greenpeace and ordinary citizens have used every democratic tool available to push back against the government which intends to pursue fracking at all costs. It would seem all that hard work paid off in Lancashire where last year city councillors paid attention to the concerns of local residents and voted against the plans of Cuadrilla. It was a massive win for the people and a huge moment for local democracy.

An affront to democracy

However, the move by Westminster to overturn that decision marks a turning point. In a single move, Mr Javid silenced elected council officials and ignored the opinion of more than 14,000 people who live in Lancashire and have said they don’t wont fracking where they live. He also rebuked a petition containing 180,000 signatures that demands that the Lancashire’s council decision be upheld. By overturning the local council decision, politicians in Westminster have essentially declared that profits from the fracking industry are more important than the concerns of the British people.