Easter Charity Gifts from World Vision Alternative Gifts

Give more than just chocolate this Easter with an amazing array of life changing charity gifts from World Vision Alternative Gifts. For as little as £9, you can donate a selection of seeds to be used by families in Zambia to grow and nurture their own crops for food. Or for £14 why not help the people of Sri Lanka to raise 20 vaccinated chicks, offering them both food and produce to sell in the future.

In Senegal, families see little reason to send their children to school, as nearly all children will rely on farming, not education, for their future. So why not spend £29 on a sheep for a school, so children can attend the more attractive sheep breeding lessons alongside their formal education? By providing these Charity Gifts, you will be actively encouraging families to send their children to school to learn this vital skill. Also, whilst offering the children a chance with their education, you will also be aiding school funding by providing livestock that can be re sold within the community.

Easter is a time for giving, so why not donate a special present from World Vision Alternative Gifts, one that can help people across the world help themselves.