Cancer Research UK Launches Campaign To Raise Awareness

cancer research UK

Cancer Research UK commissioned a new survey which found that the majority of people in the United Kingdom do not worry that a cancer diagnosis would result in death. Of the people who had been diagnosed with cancer and were polled, it was found that just 30 per cent said one of the emotions they felt after receiving the news was fear of death. Another result was that 29 per cent of people who knew someone that had been diagnosed with cancer mentioned fear of death. 52 per cent expressed shock at the news whilst 68 per cent said they felt sad.

Two new cancer films

An overwhelming majority of those polled (70 per cent) said they agreed the best way to develop new treatments was through scientific research. Cancer Research UK’s latest campaign is aimed at trying to promote the personal impact of cancer. The charity has produced a couple of films which depict cancer patients going through treatment or show the experience of being given test results. The campaign is called “Right Now” and includes cancer patients, their friends and family as well as hospital staff and researchers.

New research

Cancer Research UK is hoping the campaign will raise awareness amongst ordinary people that the disease has both an emotional and physical impact. The campaign also highlights that there is research being undertaken to develop better treatments which improve the chances of survival of people who have been diagnosed with the disease. Of the people polled only 6 per cent were able to correctly state that one in two people in the UK are likely to be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their life.

More patients are surviving

Martin Ledwick, Cancer Research UK’s head cancer information nurse, says that it is quite reassuring that people do not worry about death in their immediate response to a cancer diagnosis. He adds that a diagnosis can be overwhelming however there is now more research than ever before which has produced improved treatments with far more patients surviving.

“Cancer Research UK is working every day to keep improving the outlook for patients. Better awareness of signs and symptoms, improved screening and diagnostic tests, and more effective treatments will help us achieve our goal of helping three in four people survive cancer for at least 10 years, rising from two in four. Our latest campaign is a powerful reminder of why we need to do this. Right now.” Mr. Ledwick said.