50 Things To Do This Autumn Half Term

When you become a member of the National Trust there are literally hundreds of different activities to choose from. In fact many of the activities available are just perfect for the whole family to enjoy. You could go bug hunting for example or fly a kite. You could even see if you can find creatures in a rock pool. The National Trust has a ‘50 things to do before you’re 11¾’ list of great activities which are fun for everyone. Rather than talk about all of them, here are our five favourites.

Fly a kite

The perfect time to fly a kite is when its nice and windy. Just imagine all the different colours, shapes and sizes of kites that are flying above your head and in the sky. If you want to make sure your kite really does fly, you need a large open space and some clear sky. This means the best place to fly your kite are either at beaches or parks so you could visit Dunstable Downs or Bedfordshire which are ideal.

Jump over waves

When you go to the beach there is an infinite supply of waves both big and small which you can jump over. See how many different types of jumps are possible over the waves that ensure you make a big splash. Be sure to choose a spot where the water is not so deep you don’t end up getting in over your head! The top places to go wave jumping are Compton Bay and Downs and Isle of Wight.

Build a den

You can make a den that is surprisingly cosy just by building it from leaves, twigs and branches. What you need to do is first find a place where there is plenty of natural materials that will enable you to get creative when you are building your den so you can hide in the forest. The best place to locate a den is a flat dry spot and you should start by leaning sticks against a low hanging tree branch so it looks like a teepee. The best places to build a den are Lyme Park House and Garden or Cheshire.

Go stargazing

The best time to go star gazing is on a clear night when there aren’t that many clouds in the sky. You should choose a place where there are no street lights. Once you peer into the Milky Way, you will be amazed and the best thing about it is you don’t even need binoculars. When the night is very clear there are tons of exciting things to see with your eyes and if you are extremely lucky you might even spot a shooting star which you can make a wish on. Make sure you avoid going star gazing on a full moon night and Somerset is a good place to start.

Climb a tree

Put your boots or trainers on this autumn and see if you can climb a tree. Make sure you choose a tree that has branches that are big and strong that are able to be reached from ground. Once you are up in the tree, give everyone a wave and enjoy the view. Avoid falling off the tree by keeping your arms and legs on the tree at all times.