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Today is Sunday, October 4th 2015
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Save the Arctic with Greenpeace

Greenpeace UK is asking for your help to save the Arctic, by asking Shell to stop it’s drilling for oil in this unique habitat. The Arctic is one of the few untouched natural areas left on the planet, and a home to some of the world’s most amazing creatures.

Climate change has allowed oil companies an ‘in’ to search for more resources due to the Arctic sea ice melting, and Shell have wasted no time in sending a Finnish icebreaker to Alaska to help drill for oil. We all need take action now and try and make Shell see sense that an oil spill could destroy the whole Arctic eco system.

Simply click on the link at the bottom of this post to tell Shell that the Arctic is not a place to exploit for financial gain. Greenpeace are looking for half a million signatures in 3 months, and already have 416,289, so not far off the target. It’s take 20 seconds to add your name to the cause to try and stop one of the most powerful and dangerous companies that has ever existed.

Together we can stop Shell and other oil companies destroying the Arctic before it’s too late.


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