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British Triathletes Hold Event at National Trust Site

Olympic medal winning brothers Alistair and Jonny Brownlee will be holding their first ever triathlon at the National Trust site Fountain Abbey and Studley Royal. The brothers, who won gold and bronze respectively, will be holding the ‘Brownlee Tri’ on Saturday 21st September 2013 in their home country of Yorkshire, and they couldn’t be any more pumped for it!

Jonny said –

It’s great to be holding our first Brownlee Triathlon at Fountains Abbey. As young children, our parents used to take us there for walks to try and wear us out so we have good memories of the place. We want this triathlon to be part of our legacy and to see as many people take part as possible.

Triathlon is the by far the fastest growing Olympic Sport, with 31% growth per year, with a massive 20% completing in their first event in 2012. It really is becoming that popular. The Brownlee Tri will be a supersprint triathlon, featuring –

  • 400m swim
  • 10km cycle
  • 2km run

These grueling tests will all take place in the stunning surroundings within the National Trust’s medieval deer park.

Alistair said –

The whole area around Fountains Abbey is fantastic to train as triathletes and a perfect fit for us. The paths and trails in the abbey’s estate are a lovely setting for a run, with great views of Ripon Cathedral and the Yorkshire Dales. The lanes close to the abbey are some of the best in the country for cycling. We’re very lucky in Yorkshire to have some of the finest countryside around, and Fountains is a great place to see a lot of it.

Click on the link below to find out more about this exciting event, and if you’re in the area, why not pop down and cheer on the competitors? Good luck to all those taking part

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If you would like to help preserve the countries heritage sites, or would just like to visit them, why not pick up a National Trust membership from our site and help keep Britain GREAT!

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Discover The Vyne with National Trust

If you ever wondered where Tolkien’s inspiration came from for The Hobbit, then why not check out ‘The Vyne’ National Trust site to learn more about the genesis of the famous stories? The site is in Basingstoke, Hampshire, and currently has an exhibition on to show off the original ring that is thought by many to have inspired the great writer to create his masterpiece.

Inscribed in Latin with an image of Venus, the ancient gold ring now lies in an exhibition room on a revolving pillow, and a whole area has been designated to the story in conjunction with the Tolkien Society. The ring has also inspired The Vyne’s gardens, with an amazing adventure play area based on the landscapes of Middle Earth.

The ‘Hidden Realm’ features a network of underground tunnels, a wooden fort, with slides and bridges, plus elements of jungle and mountain built into it’s features. It’s a great place for children to explore within the safety of a walled garden, and is a must for any fans of The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings.

Inside the main house itself, there are fun riddles to be solved by intrepid explorers, plus puzzles and dwarf hunting. This is a great place for all the family to visit, so why not pick up a National Trust membership card from our dedicated charity page? Here you can learn more about the amazing work the charity do across the country, and find out how your small monthly donation helps to keep the historic sites of Britain ‘Great’.

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Rembrandt Painting Discovered by National Trust

A self portrait of the Dutch painter Rembrandt has been discovered at a National Trust site, which could be worth up to an astounding £20million! The picture was discovered on the walls of Buckland Abbey in Devon, and after much examination by Rembrandt specialists, it has now been confirmed as personal painting of the old master himself.

Buckland Abbey is the former home of Sir Francis Drake, and is the only Rembrandt in the National Trust’s collection of over 13,000 paintings. The painting will now receive specialist cleaning, with further examinations planned to shed more light upon the origins of the painting. Rembrandt was one of the art world’s most famous self portraitists, with up to 50 paintings of himself already in existence. This latest discovery has been dated 1635, which would make the artist 29 at the time it’s conception.

The painting may be worth a LOT of money, but there is not much of a chance that the National Trust will sell it. It was first acquired 3 years ago from the estate of the late Lady Samuel of Wych Cross, who’s husband was a property developer who collected paintings. It looks like he may have picked this little number up without maybe knowing exactly what it was!

National Trust Curator of Paintings and Sculpture, David Taylor, said –

These latest investigations are incredibly exciting and important. The conservation work and technical analysis being undertaken over the winter will give us further confirmation regarding the picture’s authorship.’Rembrandt was one of the great artists of the so-called Dutch Golden Age. He produced a huge number of self portraits throughout his career, partly because he had a ready subject matter in himself through which he could develop his painting technique, but also because – as he was already famous – the finished images were highly desirable pictures for collectors.

The painting will remain at Buckland Abbey for the rest of the year, but will be taken away in 2014 for further investigations to be carried out. With a price tag of up to £20million, I can’t say I’m surprised! If you would like to help the National Trust, or even visit this amazing painting in Devon, why not purchase a membership card from our dedicated charity page? It’s a great way to visit.

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Extinct Insect Found on National Trust Land

Well, it’s not too often you stumble across an extinct species, but that’s exactly what happened to one lucky naturalist whilst carrying out a study on National Trust land. John Walters came across the ‘oil beetle’, last seen in Kent in 1906, whilst recording for the charity Buglife between Bolt Head and Bolt Tail on the South Devon coast.

This area of coast land is cared for by the National Trust and has becomes something of a ‘beetle hotspot’ over the years. Darren Mann, a beetle expert from the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, confirmed that the finding was the first of it’s kind in over a century of a species thought long to have been extinct. Here’s hoping that dinosaurs are next on the agenda of extinct species to be found!

John was over the moon with his discovery whilst carrying out his tasks for the Invertebrate Conservation Trust ‘Buglife’, who work in partnership with the National Trust and are funded through the Natural England’s Species Recovery programme.

John said –

The 2 to 3 centimetre long matt-black beetle resembles the rare Rugged oil beetle, but the beetles I found were much larger and their larvae were a different colour. I investigated further and was amazed to find that they were a ‘long lost’ species.

It just goes to show you how important the work of the National Trust and their partners is to not only caring for the UK’s countryside, but also the different plants, insects and animals that call it home. Here’s hoping there are further discoveries such as this to ensure that our amazing wildlife stays as diverse and unique as possible.

If you would like to learn more about the National Trust, or would like to purchase an amazing gift to help provide funds for their groundbreaking work, check out our dedicated page for more information.

Photograph by John Walters

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Are Children Losing Touch with Nature?

The National Trust has been asking the general public of the UK whether people feel that they we are losing touch with the outdoors, particularly children. Thanks to your feedback from across the country, it appears to be a resounding yes to both questions!

In response to your answers, the National Trust have commissioned the broadcaster and writer Stephen Moss to write the ‘Natural Childhood Report’, to gather together all the current research into why children seem to have lost touch with nature.

Though there seems to be a lot of evidence that there is a problem with childrens connection to nature, nobody is quite sure what to do. But thanks to the National Trusts inquiry that questioned leading –

  • Experts
  • Organisations
  • Policy makers

there will now hopefully be enough evidence to develop a plan of action to reconnect children and nature. A summit event in London on 25th September 2012 will see more experts asked their opinion on how to help build the bridge between a child and the natural world. Be sure to check back here to find out what is being planned.

If you would like to reconnect your children with nature, or fancy visiting some of the UK’s most breathtaking scenery and historic sites, why not purchase a National Trust membership from out dedicated charity page. They care for over 300 historic houses, 700 miles of coastline and over 600,000 acres of countryside making them Britain’s largest conservation charity.

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National Trust Recruiting for Childrens Council – Ends 07-09-12

The National Trust has come up with an interesting new initiative, as they are currently looking to create a group of advisers made up entirely of children! These young scamps will help provide the nature charity with advice on how to get more children outdoors (the weather would be a good starting point!).

The charity is looking for 10 children between seven and twelve years of age to play an important role in developing National Trust outdoor campaigns. Makes sense really, seeing as these are the people who will be running around them! Hopefully this will make many of the Trust sites more fun for younger visitors who love to get involved in outdoor activities in the fresh air.

The ‘Kids’ Council’ will meet throughout 2013, with their suggestions given to the National Trust’s Visitor Experience Director to help make the outdoors more fun for the nation’s children. Successful applicants will also be offered free year long National Trust access for themselves and their family, with canoeing, surfing and camping also part of the winning prize

Visitor Experience Director of the National Trust, Tony Berry, said –

We are really committed to helping kids enjoy the great outdoors and we want to make our places the most fun and family-friendly day out destinations in the UK. I’m really excited that our new Kids’ Council will help us do just that.Our kids go free promotion for the entire month of August will not only give kids and their families the chance to get out and explore, but hopefully inspire them to apply for our Kids’ Council and let us know what we can do better in the future.

Applicants should be brimming with enthusiasm and confidence, with a love for the outdoors essential. Applications need to be in no later than Friday 7th September 2012, so simply click on the link below to download your application form to enter.

If you would like to purchase a National Trust membership or maybe find out more information on their work, check out our National Trust charity page. There’s a whole host of interesting stuff to learn about how they go about their work in keeping Britain Great.

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National Trust Site Hosts Real to Reel Exhibition

As I’m sure you are well aware, the final installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy has recently been released, but did you know that Wayne Manor is actually a National Trust Heritage site in England. That’s right folks, Osterley Park and House in West London is the on screen home to Bruce Wayne, and to celebrate the recent release, they will be hosting a brand new exhibition called ‘Real to Reel’.

The house has been used in films from across the ages since the 1950’s, and they will now be showing an interactive exhibition so that visitors can get a behind the scenes look at Osterley’s long and illustrious history on the silver screen. The amazing exhibition will feature pictures and props from the various productions that have taken place at the grand venue, as well as looking at the challenges the National Trust face to keep the house in pristine condition.

House Steward and Filming Supervisor, Judith Evans, said –

Situated within the M25, close to Ealing and Sheperton studios Osterley is a favourite with film and TV production companies from around the world. Location managers appreciate the variety of settings; the house is set in 140 acres of landscaped gardens including pleasure grounds, ornamental lakes and classical garden buildings. Directors meanwhile love the stunning period features, from the extravagant show rooms created by the great designer Robert Adam to the servants’ basements below stairs.

Film location fees that are paid to the National Trust go straight back into the upkeep of that specific site. this helps to keep amazing British heritage sites such as this in great condition for everyone to enjoy. The Real to Reel Exhibition will be running between 21 July- 4 November 2012 if you would like to check it out, it looks amazing!

If you would like to purchase a National Trust membership or maybe find out more information on their work, check out our dedicated charity page. There’s a whole host of interesting stuff to learn about how they go about their work in keeping Britain Great.

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National Trust Run Lake District Pub

Interesting news coming from the Lake District, where the popular Sticklebarn public house is now being run exclusively by members of National Trust staff. The pub, based in Great Langdale, is now the only Trust-run pub in the country.

The charity already look after large areas of Great Langdale, including a selection of farms, parks, a hotel and campsite. By adding the Sticklebarn pub to their ever growing list of cared for sites, there are sure to be more and more visitors to the area.

More than £40,000 has been spent upgrading the public toilets between Sticklebarn and the National Trust car park nearby. There’s also new menu now available at the pub featuring some amazing local food, some of quite has been sourced from the very fields that surround the pub.

National Trust General Manager for the region, Jeremy Barlow, said –

The Sticklebarn has been a key part of life in Great Langdale for more than 40 years and is already a popular destination for walkers, bikers, climbers and campers, as well as day trippers. We’re really excited about the opportunities this acquisition will give us and the benefits there will be for visitors. Even the most frequent visitors to the Lake District often don’t realise exactly how much of this amazing landscape the National Trust cares for. Running the Sticklebarn as a Trust pub will raise our profile immeasurably in a valley which is renowned for its outdoor activities but, more importantly, it will place our expert teams at the heart of the action, sharing their knowledge about this region and what it has to offer.

If you would like to find out more information about the work of the National Trust, or would like to become a member, why not check out our dedicated charity page? Here you’ll find loads more about the charity themselves, and how you can help to keep the British countryside Great.

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National Trust Open New Plant Conservation Centre

On Monday 19th June 2012, The National Trust opened a brand new Plant Conservation Centre, where rare plants from across the country will be propagated and cared for to create one of the most diverse collections in the country.

The site, based in East Devon on a 2.5 acre facility, cost almost £700,000 to create. Opened by international plantsman Roy Lancaster, the centre will feature –

  • plant propagation facilities
  • plant collection management
  • expertise and training for staff

Head of Gardens at the National Trust, Mike Calnan, said –

The National Trust’s portfolio of plants is of immense importance and is one of the most significant collections in the UK. The aesthetic, historic and botanical value of the plants is what makes the gardens we look after so special and give pleasure to more than 12 million visitors each year. This is the most important plant conservation initiative from the National Trust for more than 60 years and will have a legacy for decades to come.

With the spread of plant disease in the UK increasing, this facilities opening is in perfect time to save many specimens that are under threat. The Centre will continue to build on the work that has been ongoing at Knightshayes Court in Devon, and help staff to record and prioritise the special plants that require immediate propagation to save them from disease.

Roy Lancaster said –

The new Plant Conservation Centre is a hugely important development for the National Trust, creating for the first time a single facility dedicated to the vital work of conserving the important plants in its properties.

If you would like to find out more about the great work the National Trust provides for some of the countries most beautiful buildings and landscapes, why not check out our dedicated charity page. Here you can find out more information and also purchase a membership that will allow free entry to over 300 historic sites nationwide.

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20% off Rugs at National Trust Gift Shop

Well, the sun has finally come out (at last!) and to celebrate, the National Trust has 20% off a selection of their rugs and throws that are perfect for a picnic. There’s a wide range to choose from in a selection of interesting designs and fabrics, there’s even a waterproof fleece rug for those of you who don’t have faith in the British weather (me included) –

  • All the rugs and throws are discounted from £28 to £22.40

and would be the perfect accompaniment to a traditional British picnic. With so many styles to choose from there’s sure to be something for everyone, so why not click on the link below to start saving today. These offers are only available for one week, so please do hurry if you would like to purchase.

100% of the profits from everything sold at the National Trust gift shop provides funds to keep Britain’s most beautiful sceneries and building maintained. The National Trust rely on public funding to continue their work across the country, so why not purchase your presents from their online gift store and help keep Britain amazing.

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Help The National Trust with a Membership

Enjoy unlimited entry to hundreds of historic houses, beautiful gardens and country parks. The National Trust cares for over 300 historic houses, 700 miles of coastline and over 600,000 acres of countryside making them Britain’s largest conservation charity. With your membership, you will receive –

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